Ink Staining Solution for ATM Machines

Cost-effective Solution

Equip your ATM machines with SPL's ISS, a passive ink staining solution that offers a cost- effective alternative to active solutions. Our solution is inexpensive, highly effective, readily available, and requires no machine modifications or upgrades.

Prevent Explosive Attacks

The installation of SPL's ISS has been proven to significantly reduce blast attacks on ATMs by over 80% in countries such as The Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Easy Installation

The ISS solution is simple and easy to install. We offer a retrofit option through our installation service or by the bank's technical staff.

Function of the ISS Staining System

ISS operates on pressure wave technology and provides a purely passive solution compared to active variants. Unlike active ink solutions that waste valuable time for staining and may have unreliable sensors, our passive solution is activated directly upon detonation by gas or solid explosives.

Cost-effective and Reliable ATM Protection

Compared to intelligent banknote neutralization systems (IBNS), ISS offers a cost-effective solution for equipping your ATMs or cassettes with the highest level of operational security.

Stickers on the cashboxes serve as a warning to potential attackers, indicating that forced entry will result in automatic staining of banknotes.

Regardless of any other third-party or OEM technology, ISS is always armed and immediately responds to excessive force levels caused by explosions.

Prevention through Staining Systems

ATM attacks involving gas and solid explosives have reached an unacceptable level in Germany in recent months and years. Industry experts agree that an effective method for protecting cash cassettes is to stain the notes and bills upon attack. While the use of ISS in cash containers during transport has been widely adopted, its utilization in ATM cash cassettes is still relatively limited.

ISS is based on pressure activation technology and operates independently of power sources, sensors, switches, or similar components. The passive ink cartridges are always armed and detonate immediately upon any brute force attack, such as a gas or solid explosive event.

ISS provides protection by automatically releasing ink when triggered by detonation shock waves. The ink cartridges are securely mounted in the cash cassette lids, ensuring they are safe from manipulation. The ISS tanks are highly developed with integrated predetermined breaking points.

Passive Ink Staining System for ATM Protection

Once installed in the cassette lid, the ISS solution remains permanently armed and instantly reacts to pressure waves or attempted break-ins from the outside. In case of misuse, predetermined breaking points in bottle-like containers installed in the cassette lid evenly distribute the ink liquid directly over the banknotes, resulting in even staining within seconds.

Advantages of the ISS Passive Solution

Significantly lower investment costs compared to active solutions.

Simple installation - Customer self-installation recommended after basic training.

Low maintenance costs - ink replacement recommended by the manufacturer only every 3 years.

Requires minimal lid space yet provides a high ink load.

Fits most ATM cassettes and is manufacturer-agnostic.

Very low risk of accidental staining.

About SPL Group

The SPL Group, based in Bramsche, Germany, is a privately owned international company that distributes high-quality new and refurbished banking hardware to customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

With the Ink Staining Solution, we are setting new standards in the security of ATMs

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